Thursday, 4 April 2019


Mars 2019
Sortie de l'album live

Recorded live for the "En Direct d'Alto" Radio Show !
10 trax of soul and funk, including covers of Jackie Opel, Human Beinz & Graham Mushnik.

Side A
Rise Up!
Standin' The World
Dance On Thru 
Get Down
Sweet Nights In Tobaggo

Side B
Blue Lagoon
I Wanna Be loved
Mrs X
Première Cavalcade 
The Almighty 

All recorded live in Les Bauges at Radio Alto the 14th of June 2013 (excepted « The Almighty » recorded at Village Of Soul, 23d of june, 2012)
Recorded & mixed in direct by Pascal Wuyts
Mastered by Graham Mushnik
Thanks to MC Martin & all « En Direct d'Alto » team

Cover Painting & Art Work by Nicolas Gilbert

The players
Luc « Bongo » Det' - drums
Mathieu Felix – bass
Dav' « Wah Wah » Grasselli – guitar
Graham Mushnik – organ
Benny Gordini – vocals
Dan Electro - trombone
Renaud De Saint-Vaast – sax
Stompin' Harvey – trombone
Tello Maybe – trumpet


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Maximum Soul !

First formed in 1989 in the French Alps, the Slow Slushy Boys have been developing their unique touch, playing mostly original songs and keeping a focus on making their music groovy, danceable and melodic. Their explosive SOUL-FUNK / RHYTHM'N'BLUES is occasionally livened up by African and Caribbean grooves.
They have released about 8 albums and over 20 singles; and have played a vast amount of shows in France and Europe over the past 3 decades - always with 1 intention: make you move and dance!

Depuis leur première formation en 1989 en Savoie, les Slow Slushy Boys ont développé leur propre style "Groovy et Catchy" en interprétant une musique dansante et énergique - principalement de leur composition.
Leur SOUL-FUNK explosive peut s'agrémenter de parfums africains ou caribéens... Le groupe a plus de 8 albums et 20 singles à son actif, et s'est produit sur scène un peu partout en France et en Europe durant les 3 dernières décennies - toujours avec la même motivation: vous faire bouger et danser!